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Weeds: what we know and don’t know about them

We all think we know about weeds. We spray them to kill them and keep them out of our manicured lawns and garden beds. But did you know weeds are also an indicator of problems in your lawn? If you have several weeds growing in your lawn, it could mean you haven’t enough aeration for the grass, or it can also mean you have poor soil conditions.

If you see what kind of weeds are growing, chances are you can determine what is wrong with your soil. For instance, if you have a lot of moss, violets or chickweed, it possibly means you have a wet area that doesn’t drain well. If you have thistle or nettles, you could have dry, sandy soil; and if you have plantain, you might have a heavy, clay soil. Some of these same weeds will indicate compacted soil along with dandelions. If you have a lot of clover, crabgrass and dandelions, you could have a poor soil that lacks fertilizers for good growth of grass. There are other weeds and some of the same to check for acidic or alkaline soils.

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