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What Are Your Herbicide Options for Large Palmer Amaranth in Corn?

Corn planting is winding down in Tennessee. A good bit of the early April-planted corn will need to be sprayed post shortly.

Wet weather in the forecast will likely make for a narrow window to get these fields sprayed timely. As a result, there is likely to be some good size Palmer amaranth up in some corn fields by the time we can get back into spray.

A common question is how large a pigweed will the popular layby premixes Halex GT, Capreno and Realm Q control? All three of those herbicides are a bleaching-based herbicide premix. The bleaching herbicide in Capreno is Laudis. The bleaching herbicide in Halex GT and Realm Q is Callisto. Those herbicides can effectively control Palmer up to 4 inches tall, depending upon rate.

When Palmer becomes larger than that, a tank-mix partner is needed for consistent control. The most commonly used tank-mix partner is atrazine. When atrazine is tank-mixed in with one of the herbicide premixes mentioned above, considerably larger Palmer can be controlled. However, atrazine can only be used on corn up to 12” tall.

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