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Innovation & Best Practices Take Center Stage at Upcoming Weed Science Society Meetings

WESTMINSTER, Colorado – November 13, 2018 – The Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) and its affiliated scientific societies have scheduled information-packed annual meetings over the coming months – each focused on new innovations and best practices in weed control.

The meetings are expected to draw a broad range of scientists, educators, students and others interested in sustainable weed management and the conservation of natural resources.

First up are the annual meetings of the Canadian, North Central and Northeastern weed science societies. Details are below, along with “save the date” information for additional events.

⦁ Canadian Weed Science Society/Société canadienne de malherbologie (CWSS-SCM), November 19-22, Niagara Falls, Ontario

This year’s annual meeting of the Canadian Weed Science Society will focus on innovations that minimize the impact of weedy plants on the production of safe, affordable food. Among the topics headlining the agenda are:

⦁ Imaging, data collection tools and analytics for crop protection
⦁ Hyperspectral technologies to assess seed germination and herbicide response in Palmer amaranth
⦁ Advances in mechanical weed control
⦁ Ways to optimize sprayer efficiency for improved weed control

Additional information and registration details are available at www.weedscience.ca.

⦁ North Central Weed Science Society (NCWSS), December 3-6, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The annual meeting of the North Central Weed Science Society will feature approximately 200 papers and posters on a wide range of topics, including application technology, herbicide physiology, invasive weed management, weed biology and resistance, and weed control in agronomic and specialty crops.
Guest speaker Allan Felsot, a professor at Washington State University, will discuss recent press coverage linking glyphosate to cancer. In addition, four symposia are planned:

⦁ What’s new in industry, products and technologies
⦁ Atmospheric conditions for making on-target herbicide applications
⦁ Making data meaningful: A guide to presenting data at scientific meetings
⦁ Essential communication in weed science

Additional information and registration details are available at http://ncwss.org.

⦁ Northeastern Weed Science Society (NEWSS), January 7-10, Hunt Valley, Maryland

The Northeastern Weed Science Society will hold its annual meeting in conjunction with the Northeastern Plant, Pest and Soils Conference. The event will feature nearly 100 papers and posters focused on weed management information for agronomic crops, turf, ornamentals, fruits, vegetables, herbs – and more.

Two symposia are scheduled, including one on effective science communication and another on the benefits and challenges of participatory research. A mini-workshop is planned on weed management in pollinator plantings, and a special seminar will focus on facts about glyphosate.

Additional information can be found at www.newss.org/meeting.

⦁ Other Meetings Scheduled for Early Next Year:

Southern Weed Science Society (SWSS), February 3-6, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Weed Science Society of America⦁ (WSSA), February 11-14, New Orleans, Louisiana
Western Society of Weed Science (WSWS), March 11-14, Denver, Colorado

Further details will be posted online as they become available.

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