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Invasive Plants Project Manager with Great Basin Institute in Three Rivers, CA

Type of position • 20-week appointment starting in August 2023
• Full time (40 hours per week)
Employer Great Basin Institute
Location Three Rivers, CA
Description of Location Sequoia and Kings Canyon NPs: 47050 Generals Hwy, Three Rivers, CA.
Salary $27.00/hr
Benefits • Health insurance coverage provided for all GBI employees (regardless of appointment length, premiums covered by GBI)
• Paid time-off
• Eligibility for pro-deals
• Housing Stipend: $50/wk
Closing date of competition 9/29/23
Date position available 8/22/23
Description of duties
The Great Basin Institute, in cooperation with the National Park Service, is recruiting an Invasive Plants Project Manager to support post fire restoration for the 2020 SQF and 2021 KNP complex fires. The incumbents will perform project manage for invasive species survey and treatment and reforestation and revegetation projects. They will work with NPS staff to design and implement survey techniques, design project plans, and implement measures to restore vegetation community form and function following catastrophic wildfires.

Project-specific goals:
• Objective 1: Develop restoration plans for the survey and control of invasive species and for the replanting, site preparation, logistical support, and deployment of revegetation and reforestation efforts.
• Objective 2:  Work collaboratively with other NPS staff, other federal partners, and other researchers to develop and implement post-fire surveys and monitoring efforts for invasive plants in the parks.  Relate findings to fire severity, preexisting infestations, and fire suppression activities. 
• Objective 3: Develop planting prescriptions in consultation with NPS staff, other federal partners, and other researchers to develop and implement post-fire and post construction replanting and reforestation plans.
• Objective 4:  Work collaboratively with NPS staff and other colleagues to communicate plans, methods, and results.  Assist with summarizing results of all field work for multiple uses.

This work will provide the State of California’s Historic Preservation office with maps and data that describe potential project impacts to cultural resources thus preserving the information for the public and tribal groups.

The incumbent will be responsible for managing post fire invasive plant management and project planning in response to the 2020 SQF fire and the 2021 KNP fire as well as invasive species survey and management related to construction projects in SEKI. These projects include major post-fire rehabilitation and support for road rehabilitation. These projects have major invasive plant components required and this position will develop plans, write scopes of work, create work schedules, prioritize areas for survey and treatment, evaluate species for prioritization and provide this guidance to NPS resource managers for implementation. 

Project-specific duties: 
• Project Management: Use excellent planning, communication skills, time management, leadership skills, and experience to develop plans that can be executed by NPS and partner employees at the field level in recently burned mountainous terrain.  Perform site assessments to identify species, size of infestations to determine impacts on native flora and fauna. Develop prioritization plans for invasive plant control that utilize manual, chemical, and cultural methods to control invasive plants while limiting impacts to other resources.
• Collaboration: Maintain good communication with NPS staff including within and outside of RMS including NPS contact. Coordinate with park and outside partners to update SEKI invasive plant prioritization, coordinate with NPS crews on data collection methods, and survey methodologies. Communicate with NPS partner about safety concerns or incidents.  Preferred: current COVID vaccinations/boosters.  Required: valid driver’s license; willingness to work/hike in steep terrain and carry moderate (30 lb.) to heavy (50 lb.) backpack; and, capacity to follow field/office protocols (and teach to others).
• Invasive Plant Expertise:  Have experience and training in invasive identification, invasive plant biology, restoration ecology, and project planning, budgeting, and management.  Have experience with field methods for surveying and monitoring plant populations. Be able to use GPS, tablets, field guides, dichotomous keys, GIS to perform field and office tasks. Work with crews that will perform field survey and treatments, provide expertise and training in field methods, plant identification, and common protocols.
• Data Management:  incumbent will use GIS tools to display project areas and analyze distribution of invasive plants and fire suppression activities to prioritize plant survey and treatments. They will work with NPS staff to coordinate field data collection using ArcGIS field maps to map locations and annotate species ID, area, cover, and distribution. Utilize data collected in the field to develop plans, coordinate logistics, and write reports on project status.


Qualifications sought

• Degree in applicable discipline;
• Previous experience in:  
• Project management; such as planning, implementing, and evaluating projects for invasive plants and restoration; and 
• Field work; including site assessments, survey and monitoring protocols, plant identification, data collection and management; and 
• Data management; including ArcGIS. 
• Ability to:
• Serve as the subject matter expert in training and field methods, and directing crews; 
• Document project data and produce data collection and analysis tools that meet park decision-making needs and to develop plans, coordinate logistics, and write reports on project status; and 
• Collaborate with multiple stakeholders, NPS personnel, and field crews; and 
• Provide administrative support in budgeting, planning, management, and reporting. 
• Familiarity with the mission, goals and operations of the National Park Service, SEKI, and/or restoration projects; 
• Willingness and ability to consistently enact high performance standards and a strong work and team ethic in support of the mission of GBI and the goals and objectives of the NPS.

Application procedure  
Submit what Resume and cover letter.
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