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Research Associate

Description of Duties

1. Organize and assist in coordination of meetings, field days, and information exchanges with area and regional producers to extend weed science information to stakeholders. 2. Individual will be responsible for data tabulation and subsequent data analysis of all field and greenhouse experiments. 3. Prepare summary reports of research results, refereed manuscript, and present research results to various groups, including scientific meetings. 4. Handle, mix, and apply farm chemicals safely in the field or greenhouse. 5. Perform field, laboratory, greenhouse, and growth chamber routines such as inoculating, spraying, weighing, measuring, counting, handling soil, evaluating experiments, and planting and growing plants under defined conditions. 6. Organize and assist in field operations such as fertilizing, spraying, plot maintenance, inventory and maintenance of equipment and supplies, and general cleanup of equipment and facilities or as assigned by supervisor. 7. Individual will be responsible for the implementation and care of various field, greenhouse, and laboratory experiments with minimal supervision. 8. May provide supervision to other employees 9. Other duties necessary for conducting weed science research as determined by the supervisor.
A M.S. Degree in Agronomy (Weed Science) or related area of Plant and/or Soil Science with experience in agricultural research or the equivalent is required. Experience in pest management is desirable. Experience in small plot research with multiple crops is desirable. Experience in operation of farm machinery is necessary. The individual must have a valid driver’s license. Training in EPA Worker Protection Standards is required. Physical strength and endurance are needed to perform strenuous outdoor work under field conditions suitable for cotton, peanut, wheat, corn, and grain sorghum production. Previous supervision of part time employees is desirable

Type of position

Full time


$38,300-$60,000 Negotiable with level of qualifications


Health Insurance, Retirement, Personal and Medical Leave, Employee Tuition Remission


Stoneville, MS 82 Stoneville Road, Stoneville, MS 38776,

Closing Date


Date Position Available

Mississippi State University
Research Associate is a full-time, regular position in the Weed Science Research program located at the Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville, MS. We are a branch research center located 2.5 hours away from the main Mississippi State University campus.