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Natural Resource Policy/Planning Analyst, Sr. (State Noxious Weed Coordinator)

Description of Duties

This natural resource policy/planning analyst position, state noxious weed coordinator, will work with partners throughout the state to achieve the purposes of New Mexico’s Noxious Weed Management Act. The position will perform a wide variety of duties including: administering and strategically developing NMDA’s noxious weed program, providing technical support and expertise, promoting public education and outreach, and coordinating collaboration with partners statewide. The state noxious weed coordinator will oversee the development and expansion of NMDA’s noxious weed program. This includes identifying key needs across the state, establishing strategic priorities, utilizing state funds for maximum impact, and securing federal funding sources for projects in New Mexico. The coordinator is also responsible for recommending updates to the state weed list to the Secretary of Agriculture, using advice from Noxious Weed List Advisory Committee and partner input. As a subject matter expert, the coordinator will provide technical assistance on noxious weeds to local partners and the public. This support could include the detection, identification, and monitoring of weed infestations, and the development of integrated weed management plans for landowners. The coordinator would coordinate statewide mapping of weed infestations and treatments on a user-friendly public platform. Related to public education and outreach, the coordinator would raise public awareness of noxious weed issues around the state by producing useful educational resources and participating in public trainings and outreach events. The position may also participate in climate change, fire management, and other natural and working lands policy issues. In its coordinating role, the position will build relationships with other entities working on noxious weed management to foster cross-organizational, cross-boundary collaboration. A major focus will be helping local cooperative weed management areas and soil and water conservation districts build capacity and find resources for priority projects. The coordinator will build partnerships with state and federal natural resources agencies, as well as New Mexico’s Tribes, Nations, and Pueblos. The position may also develop cooperative agreements to facilitate cross-boundary noxious weed work, collaborate regionally with neighboring states, and represent New Mexico in national noxious weed organizations.
Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in a related field. Required Experience: Five (5) years of professional experience directly related to the standard duties as outlined.

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$46,918.54-$52,783; Commensurate with qualifications and experience



1050 Stewart Street, Las Cruces, New Mexico 88003,

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New Mexico Department of Agriculture
New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA) works for the benefit of the state’s citizens and supports the viability of agriculture and affiliated industries. NMDA promotes food protection, a uniform, and fair marketplace, and global marketing and economic development; supports the beneficial use of natural resources; and works cooperatively with public and private sector entities. Opportunities for excellence abound, and NMDA staff dedicate themselves to proactive service in fulfilling the department’s mission. Each division plays an important role in carrying out the goals and objectives. Our rich agricultural history, culture, and traditions are addressed through new and innovative approaches using the latest in science, technology, and economic strategies. In New Mexico, we contribute to the safest and most affordable, and nutritious food supply on the globe. NMDA is a constitutional agency organized under the Board of Regents of New Mexico State University (NMSU). This unique relationship creates efficiencies and opportunities for New Mexico’s food and agriculture sector as well as service and outreach opportunities for NMSU, making NMDA an integral part of the university. NMDA/NMSU is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.