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E 2   Science Policy
E 4   Federal Noxious/Invasive Weeds
E 6   Research and Competitive Grants
E 8   Environmental Aspects of Weed Management
E10   Weed Control for Specialty Crops
E11   Weed Loss
E12   Herbicide Resistant Plants
E13   Public Awareness
E14   Website
F 2   Finance
F 3   Endowment Fund
F 4   Professional Development and Membership
F 5   Sustaining Membership Committee
P 1   Publications Board
P22   Terminology
P22b   Standardized Plant Names
W 3a   Awards -Fellows and Honorary Member
W 3b   Awards -Extension
W 3c   Awards -Research
W 3d   Awards -Teacher
W 3e   Awards -Outstanding Paper/Weed Science
W 3f   Awards -Outstanding Paper/Weed Technology
W 3g   Awards -Graduate Student
W 3h   Awards -Early Career Weed Scientist
W 3i   Awards -Industry
W 3j   Awards -Photo Contest
W 3k   Awards -Undergraduate Research
W 3m   Awards -Outstanding Paper/Invas Plant Sci & Mgmt
W 3n   Awards -Public Service
W 3o   Awards -Excellence in Journalism
W 9   Necrology
W10   Constitution and Operating Procedures
W11   Extension
W15   Formulation, Adjuvant& Application Technology


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