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Herbicide Resistance
Herbicide-resistant biotypes are becoming increasingly common since the first reports of their occurrence in the 1950s. These biotypes survive herbicide application at doses that usually give effective control of the species

Biological Control
It is the position of the WSSA to promote the development and implementation of biological control methods as a component of weed management strategies.

See chemical structures and names, common names, mechanisms of action (MOA), and manufacturers, regulatory agency links and time-lapsed photos of herbicide activity on plants.

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Invasive Plants
USDA, APHIS, PPQ’s Center for Plant Health Science and Technology began staffing scientists in 1997 for what was to become the newly created Plant Epidemiology and Risk Analysis Laboratory (PERAL).

Milkweeds serve as a critical habitat for monarch butterflies that migrate from summer breeding grounds in the Midwest to the roosting sites in Mexico.

Poisonous Plants
Plants that are allergenic or that cause dermatitis or mechanical injury are annoying, but the victim usually recovers. Plants that are poisonous when eaten, however, may cause serious illness or even death.

For the 40-50 million allergy sufferers in America, inhaling airborne allergens can produce a variety of allergic symptoms and because pollen grains are small and buoyant, they can remain airborne for hundreds of miles.

Garden Weeds
This section provides resources to managing weeds that commonly occur in lawns and gardens.

Myths on Weed Control
This section debunks some of the myths regarding weeds and weed control.


A survey of most common and problematic weeds across different states and production systems.

Crop Loss
This section archives published information on crop losses due to weeds.


Technology Stewardship
This section hosts important resources for weed management technology stewardship.

Extension Weed Scientist Contacts
Locate the extension weed scientist for your area.
Fact Sheets
This section hosts a series of fact sheets about weeds and herbicide resistance management

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