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Lee Van Wychen, Ph.D.

Executive Director of Science Policy
Weed Science Society of America

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Following is an archive of historical research priorities identified by the Weed Science Society of America. This collection includes documents such as comments to USDA-AFRI, reports of NIFA stakeholder workshops, USDA-ARS 5-year plans, manuscripts, among others.

  • Aquatic Invasive Species: Additional Steps Could Help Measure Federal Progress in Achieving Strategic Goals
    GAO-16-49, November 2015
  • Two USDA Agencies Can Enhance Safeguards against Project Duplication and Strengthen Collaborative Planning
    GAO-13-255, Apr 12, 2013
  • Scientific Integrity: EPA’s Efforts to Enhance the Credibility and Transparency of Its Scientific Processes
    – GAO-09-444T, June, 2009
    – Highlights
  • Wildland Fire Management: Actions by Federal Agencies and Congress Could Mitigate Rising Fire Costs and Their Effects on Other Agency Programs
    – GAO-09-444T, April, 2009
  • Endangered Species Act: Many GAO Recommendations Have Been Implemented, but Some Issues Remain Unresolved
    – GAO-09-225R, December, 2008
  • Federal Land Management: Use of Stewardship Contracting Is Increasing, but Agencies Could Benefit from Better Data and Contracting Strategies
    – GAO-09-23, November, 2008
    – Highlights
  • Genetically Engineered Crops: Agencies Are Proposing Changes to Improve Oversight, but Could Take Additional Steps to Enhance Coordination and Monitoring
    – GAO-09-60, November, 2008
    – Highlights
  • Natural Resource Management: Opportunities Exist to Enhance Federal Participation in Collaborative Efforts to Reduce Conflicts and Improve Natural Resource Conditions
    – GAO-08-262, February, 2008
    – Highlights
  • Invasive Species: Cooperation and Coordination Are Important for Effective Management of Invasive Weeds
    – GAO-05-185, February, 2005
    – Highlights
  • Agricultural Quarantine Inspection Program: Management Problems May Increase Vulnerability of U.S. Agriculture to Foreign Pests and Diseases
    – GAO-08-96T, October, 2007
    – Highlights
  • Agricultural Conservation: Farm Program Payments Are an Important Factor in Landowners’ Decisions to Convert Grassland to Cropland
    – GAO-07-1054, September, 2007
    – Highlights
  • Prairie Pothole Region: At the Current Pace of Acquisitions, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Is Unlikely to Achieve Its Habitat Protection Goals for Migratory Birds
    – GAO-07-1093, September, 2007
    – Highlights
  • Forest Service: Vegetation Management Projects Approved during Calendar Years 2003 through 2005 Using Categorical Exclusions
    – GAO-07-1016T, June, 2007
    – Highlights
  • Agricultural Conservation: USDA Should Improve Its Management of Key Conservation Programs to Ensure Payments Promote Environmental Goals
    – GAO-07-370T, January 17, 2007
    – Highlights
  • USDA Conservation Programs: Stakeholder Views on Participation and Coordination to Benefit Threatened and Endangered Species and Their Habitats
    – GAO-07-35, November, 2006
    – Highlights

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